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Motorised Activities

Motorised Activities

  • Fast, demanding and exhilarating, motorised activities are a real ‘adrenaline rush!’
  • Choose from quads, powerturn and grass karts, honda pilots, 4×4’s, ATV’s, blindfold driving, JCB’s, combine harvesters, armoured vehicles hovercraft, rage buggies, reverse steer snooker, articulated lorries and tank driving experience. Full instruction is provided
  • Ideal for corporate entertainment, team building and incentive programmes


Below is a selection of some of our most popular corporate motorised activities which can run either as standalone events or combined with other activities as part of a multi-activity day.

Quad Biking: Under the expert tutelage of our instructors, you will learn the handling skills required to master these 250cc four wheeled motorbikes. Then put your skills to the test by driving the quad bikes around a challenging obstacle course at your chosen venue incorporating limbo bars and tight corners or at one of our purpose-built centres nationwide.

4×4 Off-Roading: With expert tuition, everyone from the novice to the experienced off-roader will love this motorised activity. The driving skill of you and your colleagues will really be put to the test around a circuit or over our challenging courses nationwide incorporating inclines, descents, trees and in the winter MUD!

Blindfold 4×4 Driving: Blindfold 4×4 driving is all about skill, not speed. The task is designed to test your faith in your fellow human beings and your ability to communicate as a team. Try and control your laughter as you move at a snails pace around the course!

Grass Karts: Grass karts do exactly what they say on the tin! Guests will take it in turn to drive these powerful racing machines around a large track. Once each individual or team member has had a few practice laps they will take it in turns to race against the clock.

Rage Buggies: Now one of the most popular motorised activities for corporate events, Rage Buggies are the king of off-road karts – power, handling and all out aggressive fun! Sitting only inches off the ground, the feeling of speed is amazing. Participants will take their turn to race against the clock around the twists and turns of the circuit.

Powerturn Driving: Power Turn Karts are powered by two 195 cc engines, each controlled by a lever at each side of the driver. A pair of wheels sits at the front and back of the vehicle for stability. Power Turn Karts are capable of incredible turns, dramatic wheelies and impressive acceleration.

Reverse Steer Snooker: This converted Jeep provides one of the funniest activities you’ll ever experience. The objective is to drive the car through a series of snooker ball coloured gates accumulating the highest break possible along the way. The problem is when the car is steered left it will go right and when you throw a couple of blindfolds in the result is hilarious!

Hovercrafts: Riding on a cushion of air, the hovercraft is a truly unique experience. After excellent tuition you will master the simple throttle and steering controls to be able to glide the hovercraft across the grass. Hovercrafts are fast with extreme acceleration and deceleration to test your balance and co-ordination!

JCB Digger Driving: The kings of the construction site, these huge machines can scoop up tonnes of soil at a time and swivel on the spot. The challenge for the teams is to pick up mystery objects using the articulated arm, controlled by two joysticks in the JCB’s cab. JCB digger driving is a true test of coordination.

Tank Driving: Imagine the thrill of driving a 56 ton tank over a car, learning survival skills from a Royal Marine Commando or “swimming” an amphibious truck! Big Russian tanks, battlefield vans, Lance missile supply vehicles, Supercats, Humvees and the Chieftain battle tank car crush finale are all included in this spectacular and unforgettable tank driving experience day!

Articulated Lorry Driving: Drive this monster 40 foot articulated lorry on internal roads and have a go at reversing – it’ll make you appreciate those boys delivering in towns! Everyone has always wanted to have a go at being a trucker – go on, admit it!

“A very big thank you for organising the event for us yesterday. It was 100% successful and ran very smoothly. Your team did an excellent job and worked very hard. Omega staff all had a great day and once again it was due to Gable Events.”

Omega Foundry Machinery Ltd


Any number can be accommodated but minimum group size is approx. 8


We can bring most of the motorised activities to the venue of your choosing (many hotels with grounds have an activity field allowing motorised activities) or we can recommend a venue to suit you in your chosen location. We also use challenging courses at a variety of purpose-built motorised and off-road venues around the UK


Gable Events will provide the motorised activities & all ancillary equipment, trained staff, registration marquee, overalls and helmets, bottle of bubbly and medals, £5m public liability insurance and professional event management. Optional extras include catering, venue finding service, photographer/video crew, PA system with commentator and supporting activities